Is There a Town Meeting Vote About a Proposed Turf Athletic Field?

Question: I thought there was a Town Meeting question about a new turf field?

Answer: There is not a question specifically asking voters to approve a new turf field in Hamilton, but one question takes the first step toward funding a turf field.

Turf Field

Article 2-9, if approved, would designate $500,000 of the proceeds from the proposed sale of a portion of the Patton Estate for housing development toward the construction of a turf athletic field. The fund, with $500,000 in it, would enable fundraisers to demonstrate to would-be donors that a turf field project is beyond the pure conceptual phase and that there is broad community support for the project. It would also show that the town government is serious about the project and has a financial stake in the project.

The Turf Field Working Group, Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Committee and Hamilton Board of Selectmen understand that in order for a turf field project to come to fruition, funding must be secured from several sources including private fundraising. Being able to demonstrate this to donors is important and often required, particularly when courting large, corporate donations.

The money is not slated to come from Community Preservation Act money. There is no connection between Article 2-9 and Article 2-8, which is the Community Preservation Committee budget, which includes $1.38 million toward the construction of a new pool at Patton Park.


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