Hydrant Flushing in May Could Cause Brown Water

Hydrant flushingHydrants flushing in Hamilton resumes in early May, and water customers should be aware that it could create brown water. If you do see brown water, before using the water any more, residents should run cold water or turn on outside spigots until the lines run clear.

Hydrant flushing is done to make sure water mains are free from iron and manganese deposits and also ensure proper water circulation and quality.

Spring hydrant flushing will be completed by the Hamilton Water Department on Monday through Thursday evenings from 9 p.m. until 1 a.m. during the following weeks:

May 4-7

May 11-14

May 18-21

Try to refrain from using water (including showers, laundry, flushing toilets, etc.) during these days and hours to minimize brown water getting into your system.


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