Nearly 200 Dogs Still Not Registered, Avoid Late Fee Before June 1

Don’t forget to register your dog for 2015 – there are nearly 200 dogs in Hamilton that are still not registered, according to Linda Grimes, the administrative assistant in the Town Clerk’s office.

Register your dog for 2015.Last year 1,140 dogs were registered in Hamilton. So far in 2015, there have been 961 dogs registered. The license is good for one calendar year.

A late fee of $25 kicks in after June 1.

The regular fees are $15 for a neutered or spayed dog and $20 for a dog that is intact. Residents age 70 and older will not be charged a fee for one dog. For all dogs, you must also show a valid rabies certificate when registering it.

In January, dog owners received a reminder about registering their dog along with the town census in the mail. A follow-up reminder was also sent out in March.

All dogs 6 months or older are required to be registered.

Anyone with questions can call the Town Clerk’s office at 978-468-5570.


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