Public to Have Say in Future CPA Funding in Hamilton

Hamilton residents can have a say in how Community Preservation Act money is spent in the future.

Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Committee has created an online survey to gather public feedback and is hosting a public hearing on Thursday, May 21 at 7 p.m. at Hamilton-Wenham Library. The CPC is hoping to hear from other town boards and committees, former CPA applicants and the general public. Anyone can share their ideas about CPA funding priorities and comment on the 2015 draft Community Preservation Plan. A complete copy of the draft CPC plan can be found online.

The CPC is required to study the needs, possibilities and resources of the town, regarding open space, recreation, historic preservation and community housing. A postcard about the draft plan and public hearing has been mailed out to every household in Hamilton.

Voters in the town of Hamilton adopted the Community Preservation Act in May 2005. The fund combined local and state funding that is dedicated to historic preservation, affordable housing, open space and recreation. In the past 10 years, more than 40 projects have been funded by the CPA in Hamilton.

To take the CPC’s survey about CPA priorities, go here.


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