Real Estate Property Tax Demand Bills to Be Mailed Twice After Printing Snafu

Property tax demand bills went out in the mail this week have been accidentally printed on personal property bill stock paper.

Tax Bill Payment

The Treasurer’s Office was informed by the town’s bill printers that the fiscal year 2015 real estate demand bills were inadvertently printed on Personal Property bill stock. All of the billing information on the bill is correct.  The only thing that is incorrect is that it was printed as Personal Property Demand bill stock and should have read Real Estate Demand bill. The error impacts 300 bill statements for taxpayers who are delinquent. The original tax bill has already been mailed out. There are about 2,800 property tax bills mailed out annually in Hamilton.

The bills were mailed on Wednesday and are expected to arrive in mailboxes on Friday.

At this time, town officials have decided to reprint and mail the bills on Real Estate demand bill stock to correct the issue.  Please disregard the prior demand billing.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Treasurer’s office at 978-468-5575.


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