Hamilton Citizens Fire Academy Graduates Third Class

There’s a new batch of graduates from the Hamilton Citizens Fire Academy.

The third Hamilton Citizens Fire Academy graduation was held on Tuesday night, May 26, in a ceremony at the Public Safety Building.

Hamilton Citizens Fire Academy graduates

The academy class spent eight weeks learning about the Fire Department, according to Chief Philip Stevens.  The academy included classes about the history of the department and how it runs now.

Academy members got to use fire extinguishers put on firefighter gear and see what it is like in a smoke-filled room. They also went for a tour of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy in Stow.

The academy also taught them about the Regional Technical Rescue Team, auto extrication and the other equipment.

Beauport Ambulance also gave them a tour of the ambulance and explained what they do. There were also classes about the Police Department and dispatch center, which each explained what they do.

The next Citizens Fire Academy will start next April.

Graduates pictured, left to right, are Bethany Johnson, Sue Lovett, Dorothy Mikos, Cindy Stelline, Paul Stelline, Ray Pelletier, Charles Chivakos, Richard Sauriol, Jr. and Nunzio Carbone.


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