Make Plans for ‘Severely Limited’ Parking at Saturday’s Community Block Party

If you can walk or bike to Saturday’s Community Block party, please do it. If you have to drive, see if you can arrange a carpool with neighbors, friends or family. That’s the message from organizers, including the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department and Hamilton Police Department.

Community Block Party at Patton Park

The Community Block Party – which will include live music, kids games and a bicycle parade – is scheduled to start at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 27 at Patton Park. The party will run until 9 p.m. Fireworks are scheduled to go off at dusk. There is no admission charge but food will be for sale.

Parking will be “severely limited” around Patton Park during the festivities, according to Recreation Director Sean Timmons.

There will be no parking in the Patton Park parking lot near Weaver Pond (off Bay Road) because of the fireworks. There will also be no parking on the Patton Park road off Asbury Street.

Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes said the police department anticipates traffic congestion along Route 1A and Asbury Street near Patton Park during the Block Party.

Limited parking will be available at Winthrop Elementary School and on side streets unless it is posted “No Parking.”

Also, no parking will be allowed along Route 1A (Bay Road).

“Be mindful when parking on side streets that you do not block private driveways and leave enough room for emergency vehicles,” reminded Hamilton Police Chief Russ Stevens.


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