Stand-Up Paddleboard Classes Coming to Pleasant Pond

One of the hottest new sports is stand-up paddleboarding. Want to try it? The Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Department is now offering a stand-up paddleboard class that starts next week.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

The Intro to Stand-Up Paddleboarding (often referred to as SUP) and PaddleFit class will run on Mondays and Friday mornings starting next Monday, July 27. The classes will be held at Pleasant Pond.

Paddleboarding is an incredible workout that helps both core and strength training.

The four-week Intro to PaddleFit class will include instruction about the basics of paddling and class members will learn three different types of turns. There will be elements of balance, strength, core and flexibility involved in every class.

All participants must be able to swim and all of the equipment is provided. To register, go to the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation website. The fee is $200 for residents and $240 for non-residents.

The instructor is Marette Boyle, a certified personal trainer, CrossFit Coach, PaddleFit Instructor, Yoga Teacher and Adventure Coach who is offering several new classes through the Rec Department, including Body Weight Bootcamp, Suns Out Guns Out Summer Kettlebell Training and Personal Adventure Fitness Training. She also offers private and One-on-One training for a separate charge with a Hamilton-Wenham Recreation discount.


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