Bicycle Safety Alert Issued After Boy Struck by Hit-and-Run Driver

Drivers, parents and children are all being reminded about basic bicycle and pedestrian safety after a 14-year-old boy was injured earlier this month.


Hamilton Public Health Nurse Chris Lee issued the reminder this week, noting that “there is another month of summer left.”

Lee’s cautionary words come after a 14-year-old boy riding his bicycle was a hit and run victim July 9 on Sagamore Street in Hamilton. The boy was not seriously injured, Lee said, but he was taken to the hospital. His father filled out a police report about the incident.

The latest incident reminded Lee of a similar incident with a much more tragic outcome about 10-15 years ago when a boy on his bicycle was hit and killed – also on Sagamore Street. In that case, it was not a hit and run.

Lee said parents should use caution in deciding which roads they allow their children to bicycle on and they should also be aware, as drivers, when there are cyclists, walkers and joggers of any age on the road – especially during the summer.


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