Printing Error Results in Inclusion of Small Interest Charge

A printing error on the latest set of Hamilton water bills has resulted in a small interest charge incorrectly appearing on some bills.


The bills, dated Aug. 3, include some premature interest charges of just a few cents, which varies based on the total amount of the bill. Town officials apologize for the confusion the error may cause.

If the water bill is paid before the due date – either online, by mail or in person – these extra interest charges can be ignored. If water users go online before the due date, the correct bill amount will appear.

If full payment, including these extra interest charges, is made prior to the due date, any overage will be credited to the account.

Any questions about the premature interest printed on the bills can be directed to the Hamilton Water Department at 978-468-5581 or 978-468-5591.

Any questions about total amount due or available methods of payment can be directed to the Treasurer/Collector office at 978-468-5575 or 978-468-5576.


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