New Verizon Wireless Tower Plan to Go Before Hamilton Planning Board

Plans for a new Verizon Wireless cell tower off Asbury Street will go before the Hamilton Planning Board for the first time on Tuesday evening, Sept. 1.

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The Planning Board meets in the Memorial Room on the first floor of Hamilton Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

It will be a pre-application hearing where the applicant, Blue Sky Towers LLC, will present its plans to the board for comments and suggestions. The co-applicant for the tower is Verizon Wireless. Planning Director Patrick Reffett said it will be a quick review as part of an informal presentation to the board. There will be no vote, he said.

The tower is planned to be a 110 foot tall monopole at 434 Asbury St. on land owned by Philip Marcorelle. The project is undergoing federal review right now, Reffett said.

A complete copy of the documents submitted to town officials is available here.

One thing that was not included in the paperwork submitted to the town of Hamilton is a propagation map showing the expected coverage that will be offered by the new tower.

“That, to me, is one of the most important things,” Reffett said.

When a formal application is submitted, Blue Sky will need a special permit from the Planning Board to build the tower. The tower will be reviewed under the new cell tower regulations that were approved by voters at the Annual Town Meeting in April. Those changes reduced the fall zone for towers from 500 feet to 200 feet, among other changes.


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