Reminder: Snow Parking Ban Rules

snowcarWinter is here again and Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens has issued a reminder about the town’s winter storm parking ban policy.

A parking ban may be declared when 4 inches or more of snow is predicted. During a winter storm parking ban, there shall be no parking at any time on any town streets.

“This allows for a safer and easier cleanup of snow,” Stevens said.

The decision to enact a winter storm parking ban will be made by the police chief and DPW director and there will generally be at least four hours advance notice.

Any vehicle violating the winter storm parking ban can be issued a $20 ticket and towed.

The new policy was put in place in 2011 to allow drivers to park on the street during the winter when it has not snowed, replacing the previous policy of a wintertime overnight parking ban.

If you are unsure whether there is a winter storm parking ban in effect, you can check HWCAM on TV or log onto the town website at A phone message will also be sent as a Connect CTY message or you may also call the Hamilton Emergency Communications Center at 978-468-4421.

To learn more about snow and ice removal in Hamilton, check the snow and ice page on the town website.


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