Warning: Imposter Scammers Continue to Target Hamilton Residents

bigstock-Scam-Square-Red-Grunge-Vintage-107753648-minHamilton police are warning Hamilton residents, especially senior citizens, to be on alert for so-called impostor scams.

There have been two more impostor scams reported to the Hamilton Police Department in recent days, according to Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes.

In the recent scams, both of them targeted seniors where the imposter posed as a grandchild who was trying to solicit money for an out-of-state emergency.

Luckily, in both cases, the potential victims didn’t fall for the scam, Janes said. But he reemphasizes a warning he issued in December when Janes issued advice about what to do if you are confronted by one of these scammers.

What to do:

Stop and check it out. Before you wire money to anyone, call the person, the government agency or someone else you trust to get the real story and then decide what to do. No government agency will ever ask you to wire money.

Pass along information about the call or email to a friend. Even if you haven’t gotten one of these calls or emails, chances are you know someone who has.

Report Scams

If you spot a scam, report it to the Federal Trade Commission. By filing a complaint, you can help FTC investigators identify the impostors and stop them before they can get someone’s hard-earned money.

Call the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

Online at ftc.gov/complaint


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