Push to Buy Recycled Products Now in Place

recyclingThe Hamilton town government has a new policy that encourages town purchases to be recycled products whenever possible.

The policy was recently enacted by Hamilton Town Manager Michael Lombardo and went into effect immediately.

The policy was put in place in recognition of the need to make more efficient use of natural resources, create markets for the material collected in recycling programs, reduce solid waste volume and disposal costs and serve as a model for private and public institutions.

The commitment by the town is to purchase products that are made, at least in part, with recycled materials whenever such products meet quality requirements and are available at reasonable price and terms. The town is mindful that the procurement of supplies is governed by state bidding laws, Lombardo said.

Whenever possible, to the maximum extent practicable, for paper and printed materials the minimum content standards shall be no less than 30 percent post-consumer recycled material.

Additional items that may be purchased with recycled content include janitorial paper products, remanufactured toner cartridges, office supplies, trash bags, refined oil and anti-freeze.

The standards are that, when items with recycled content are available, items with recycled content meet reasonable performance standards, items with recycled content are available within a reasonable period of time and items with recycled content are available at a reasonable or competitive price.

In order to measure the progress of the program and its success in meeting the recycling goals of the town of Hamilton, each department will report purchases of recycled products to the Town Manager.

In addition to the recycling policy, each town department will implement paper reduction techniques using duplexing, sharing and circulating materials, use of email and reuse of discarded paper for draft works, scrap paper and internal messages.


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