Safe Kids on Bikes to be Rewarded with Free Froyo

child-775714_960_720Kids wearing their helmets while riding their bicycles around Hamilton this summer will be rewarded with a free cup of frozen yogurt.

The Hamilton Police Department and the Hamilton Board of Health are partners in the program, along with Orange Leaf in the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing plaza. Chris Lee from the Hamilton Board of Health organized the program with Orange Leaf.

The kids safety campaign will reward kids wearing bicycle helmets, using a designated crosswalks, using a crossing signal, riding their bicycle on the correct side of the road, skateboarding while using safety precautions and “proactively demonstrating other means of bicycle safety,” according to Hamilton police Lt. Scott Janes.

During patrols, Hamilton police officers will be looking out for safety-minded children and rewarding them with a coupon for a free medium frozen yogurt at the Hamilton location of Orange Leaf.

“Please distribute the cards to the members of your platoon and instruct them to award the cards as described,” Janes said in a memo last week to the department’s sergeants.

The gift cards must be presented to a cashier before a cup of frozen yogurt can be filled, Janes said.

The program has been very successful in the past, Janes said, by rewarding kids for wearing a helmet while biking and skateboarding.

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