Police: Remind Your Children About ‘Stranger Danger’

strangersParents and children are both reminded about “stranger danger” this summer, according to Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens.

A stranger is anyone a child doesn’t know and can be a man, woman or a teenager. If a child has never met the person in real life, they are a stranger.

Stevens encourages Hamilton parents to speak to their children about “stranger danger” while reviewing the list of safety tips.

Here are some tips for children to stay safe with strangers.

  • Memorize and know your name, address, phone number and parent’s cell phone number.
  • Use the buddy system and don’t walk anywhere alone and instead walk with a friend or sibling.
  • Trust your instincts – if you feel you are being followed or something is not right, get help immediately or go someplace safe.
  • Always tell your parents where you are going and call them when you get there.
  • Do not get close to strangers.
  • Don’t ever tell your name, address or school name to a stranger.
  • Never take candy, money or gifts from a stranger.
  • Never go with a stranger to help look for a lost pet or play a game.
  • Never get into a car with anyone you don’t know without your parents’ approval.
  • If a stranger follows you or grabs you, yell real loud. Shout, “I don’t know you,” so people know you are in trouble. Fight back and make as much noise as you can. If they threaten to hurt you, keep yelling.
  • Never hitchhike.
  • Know safe places you can go, such as a police or fire station, library, a store with people around or a friend’s house.
  • If someone is following you try to remember the license plate of the vehicle and immediately tell a trusted adult or the police.
  • If anyone touches you in a bad way, say “no” as loudly as you can and run away then tell an adult right away.
  • Trust your feelings because if something feels funny or wrong, you can say no and then tell someone you trust what happened.
  • Tell your parents about places or people that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Know how and when to call 9-1-1.
  • At home, never tell anyone on the phone you are alone and do not tell callers your name, phone number, address or school name. If you don’t like what someone is saying on the phone, hang up right away.
  • Never put your name on the outside of your coat, lunch box or bag since someone could trick you into thinking they know you by using your name.

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