Here’s What You Can Do If You See ‘Improper Watering’

sprinkler.JPGBoth the Hamilton Police Department and Hamilton Department of Public Works have been asked by Hamilton Town Manager Michael Lombardo to report any properties using sprinklers in violation of the water ban.

Lombardo said based on that information he will then send the violator one warning notice and after that they will face fines of $50 for the first offense and $100 for subsequent violations.

To date, Lombardo said he has received calls and emails about properties that have been using sprinklers and sent them a warning letter to remind them about the water ban.

If Hamilton residents witness improper watering, they can call Lombardo at 978-468-5572 or email him ( or call the non-emergency line at the emergency communications center at 978-468-1212 to report it.

David Dolan, Hamilton primary water treatment plant operator, said that the drought combined with illicit water use has the town’s wells down and the plant labors hard to process water from deep down because of water quality.


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