Trash Pickup Halted, Search is On for Replacement Company

hamilton trash.jpgHiltz Waste Disposal will longer pick up trash, recycling and organics in Hamilton – effective immediately – as town officials also deal with puddles of either oil or hydraulic fluid that may have possibly been left on the streets by trash trucks.

Town employees are investigating the situation but if anyone notices a puddle of fluid on the street, they are asked to contact Town Manager Michael Lombardo via email at

Hiltz leaders told Lombardo that it is dealing with the problem of their employees not showing up for work. Hiltz officials notified Lombardo on Wednesday that they will no longer be able to pick up trash in Hamilton due to the employee shortage.

“I’m scrambling to find a company to fill in and see what legal remedies might exist,” Lombardo said.

While the search for a new company is active, Lombardo said he doesn’t yet know when, or even if, another vendor is available. Lombardo is working together with Wenham Town Manager Peter Lombardi because the trash pickup contract – which is out to bid now – is jointly signed with Wenham.

It will be impossible to have another company do the pickup on Wednesday so Lombardo has asked residents to take in their trash until further notice.


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