Can You Take a Shower? Wash Your Hands? State DEP Has Answers to Common Boil Water Questions

massdep2-biggerThe state Department of Environmental Protection has answers to many of the questions that have popped up about the boil water order in Hamilton.

Two of the most common questions have been whether it is possible to shower in the water and whether you can wash your hands. The DEP offers an explanation of that and many other questions.

Q: During a boil order, can I wash my hands using tap water?

A: It is recommended that you wash your hands using soap and either bottled water or boiled water. An alcohol-based hand sanitizer may also be used.

Q: During a boil order, can my family take showers or baths using tap water?

A: The risk of bathing in tap water is uncertain and so should be avoided particularly by people with open wounds or who are immunocompromised. For those people who choose to shower or bathe in the tap water, minimize the time spent in the water and be sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed. Babies and young children should not bathe or shower in tap water because they often swallow some water accidentally.


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