Deadline Coming Up to be Excluded from Mosquito Spraying

Aedes albopictus mosquito genus of the culicine family of mosquiIt’s hard to think about mosquitoes in the middle of winter, but a deadline is coming up to notify town officials that you don’t want you property sprayed this summer with the pesticides used to combat mosquitoes.

March 1 is the final day to submit a “Request for Exclusion for Application of Pesticide” form to the Hamilton Board of Health via the Town Clerk’s office. The form is for any resident that wishes to have their property excluded from pesticide spraying for mosquito control. Forms are available at the Board of Health office at Hamilton Town Hall or online.

The Northeast Mosquito Control District is no longer able to accommodate requests that don’t adhere to state law after a determination by the state’s legal department. No forms will be accepted after March 1. Even if you made the request last year, a new request must be made each year and is effective from April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.

Posting your property for no spraying is not enough and the form must be filed. The property will then be entered into Northeast Mosquito Control District’s new data collection and mapping program that alerts the applicator about an upcoming, exempted property so that the sprayer can be turned off at an appropriate time. The spraying exemption will be based on the complete parcel boundaries.

For more information or further questions call the Hamilton Board of Health at 978-468-5579.


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