Members Sought for New Longmeadow Study Committee

committeeA study committee that Town Meeting voters authorized to create in April is coming together and potential members can submit letters of interest now.

The Longmeadow Study Committee will be comprised of Hamilton, Wenham and Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District officials and residents that will evaluate properties on Longmeadow Way in Hamilton, near the middle and high school, for school and/or municipal uses.

The committee is the result of Article 5-5, a citizens petition, on the Annual Town Meeting warrant in April. The measure was also approved by Wenham voters at its Annual Town Meeting in April.

Officially, the article said that the committee would be established by the Board of Selectmen and be charged with “studying the acquisition by purchase, eminent domain, or otherwise of all or a portion of [four parcels of land along Longmeadow Way] for school, recreational, and/or other municipal use and reporting their findings, recommendations, and proposed action, if any, to the 2018 Annual Town Meeting or such earlier town meeting as may be called to consider the issue.”

The properties sit just south of the middle school-high school campus on Bay Road.

The warrant called for the committee to include a member of the Board of Selectmen from each town, a member of the Hamilton-Wenham Recreation Board, a member of the School Committee and one or more residents from each town.

Residents who are interested in serving on the committee should fill out the town’s “application for appointment for board/committee membership” and submit it by June 15 to Anabela Batista, Assistant to the Town Manager, via email at


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