Safe Bicyclists to be Again Awarded with Free Froyo

bicycle helmet safetyFree frozen yogurt will again be coming to kids in Hamilton that are wearing a bicycle helmet or otherwise demonstrating bicycle safety this summer.

The summer safety helmet program is being organized by the Hamilton Police Department and Chris Lee, the town’s public health nurse, along with local business Café Shishco in the Shoppes at Hamilton Crossing.

The community policing initiative is designed to promote bicycle safety and helmet use in Hamilton and each Hamilton police officer has been given a stack of ”free frozen yogurt” gift cards for Café Shishco.

“The cards are to be given to kids in the community who are observed wearing bike/skateboard helmets or are proactively demonstrating other means of bicycle safety,” Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes said in a memo to all of the department’s officers.

In addition to wearing bicycle helmets, kids may also be rewarded for using a designated crosswalk, using a crossing signal, riding their bicycle on the correct side of the road or skateboarding while using safety precautions.

Kids that get a gift cards must be present it to a cashier at Café Shishco for the free frozen yogurt.


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