Town in Search of T Representative

mbta symbolThe town of Hamilton is in search of a liaison to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

The volunteer position acts as a general liaison to the MBTA and attends the control board meetings as one part of the job, according to Town Manager Michael Lombardo.

“It’s an important position because it keeps an ear to the ground, so to speak, having someone attend the meetings and be able to keep track of what is going on and how it may affect the town,” Lombardo said.

It is especially important now, he said, because of a proposal to install two 70-foot monopoles along the railroad tracks in Hamilton as part of a project to put in new wifi service for train passengers.

While Hamilton needs someone to fill the MBTA liaison role to represent the town’s interests, in general, it is also important to have the position filled as the MBTA rethinks the monopole project.

Anyone interested in the position is encouraged to contact Lombardo directly at to get more information or also contact any member of the Board of Selectmen.


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