Power Outage Planned for Some Neighborhood for Evening of Aug. 8

national gridAn eight hour long overnight power outage is scheduled in one Hamilton neighborhood in early August, National Grid has informed the town of Hamilton.

The outage will allow National Grid crews to safely make improvements to its electrical distribution system.

The outage is scheduled to start on Tuesday, Aug. 8 at 11 p.m. and last until 7 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9 and affect upper Asbury Street and a portion of Asbury Grove.

Specifically, power will be cut to 353-656 Asbury Street, 13-21 Essex Ave., 20 Hedding Ave., 464 Highland St. and 3-4 Sharon Road.

More than one week’s notice is being provided so that residents in the area can plan ahead and “make any necessary provisions to minimize discomfort” from the outage, according to National Grid.

The work could be rescheduled if there is inclement or extreme weather that day. If it is rescheduled, it would happen the next day at the same time.

Anyone with questions should contact National Grid directly at 1-800-322-3223.


4 thoughts on “Power Outage Planned for Some Neighborhood for Evening of Aug. 8

  1. cwalk566@aol.com says:

    We are having family (including small children) staying with us on Tuesday and Wednesday when the power outage is scheduled and we are afraid that we may lose all the extra food that we have refrigerated in preparation for their stay. We are also concerned that we will not have hot water for baths, etc. What do we do?


    1. Try to minimize the amount of times you open the fridge and/or freezer when the power is out (or don’t open it at all) and you should be all set. The outage is mostly during the overnight and during sleeping hours, so outside those hours you should be all set with hot water. If at all possible, try to schedule baths during the hours when the power will be on.


  2. Ann Walker says:

    Can we be certain that the power outage will start at 11pm on Tuesday 8/8 and the power will return on Wednesday 8/9 at 7am?


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