Chebacco Lake Boat Ramp Set to Reopen for the Year

chebacco lake 2017The Chebacco Lake boat ramp is set to open for the year on Friday.

The ramp has been closed because of the high water, according to Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes. The Hamilton Department of Public Works will be asked to move away the cement blocks from the ramp on Friday, he said.

As the boating season returns, here are a few reminders about boating safety and the rules on Chebacco Lake:

  • Boaters should be mindful of their wake and how close they are to the shoreline
  • Personal watercraft (jetskis) are banned on Chebacco Lake.
  • The suggested traffic pattern around the lake is counterclockwise to reduce the possibility of a collision.

State boating law requires a waterskiing spotter 12-year-old or older and requires boaters age 13 and under to wear a PFD. The complete Massachusetts boating laws are available on the state website.

The Chebacco Lake boat ramp is off Chebacco Lake in Hamilton, just past the former town beach near the town line with Manchester-by-the-Sea. In addition to a ramp, there is parking for 17 vehicles with trailers. It is managed by the state Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The lake is half in Hamilton and half in Essex. The lake is 209-acres in size and varies in depth from 9-22 feet. It is popular for boating, swimming, waterskiing and fishing.

In case of an emergency, always call 911. To reach the Hamilton harbormaster, call 978-468-4421. In Essex, to reach the harbormaster call 978-768-6628.


Chebacco Lake Boat Ramp Remains Open as Late Summer Heatwave Hits

Summer is not over and the state boat ramp off of Chebacco Road remains open. The ramp is operated under the Massachusetts Fishing and Boating Access Points program. State officials maintain the boat ramp, according to Hamilton police.

Chebacco Lake boat ramp

The 209-acre Great Pond is located in both Hamilton and Essex and the public concrete boat ramp is in Hamilton at about 340 Chebacco Road, near the Manchester-by-the-Sea town line. The lake is home to a variety of fish, including Largemouth Bass, White Perch, Pickerel and Black Crappie. There is no charge to use the ramp.

Any problems at the boat ramp are generally handled by the Hamilton Police Department and additionally, the Massachusetts Environmental Police and patrol Chebacco Lake as well as the boat ramp, according to Hamilton police.

The parking lot at the ramp can hold about 17 vehicles with boat trailers and any overflow of vehicles is sent to the old closed town beach area, just down the road on Chebacco Road,  to park.

The area along Chebacco Road near the boat ramp is posted “No Parking” and Hamilton police enforce it.