Reminder From Police: Hide Valuables in Vehicles at Trailheads

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHamilton police want to remind residents as summer approaches – and there’s more activity on local hiking trails – to take simple sense steps to prevent crime when parking at trailheads.

There have been a few car break-ins already this spring at the Bradley Palmer State Park parking lot and the Appleton Farms Grass Rides parking lot, both located on Highland Street.

It is important to not leave any valuables visible inside your vehicle when you park it, police said. Purses, wallets, laptop bags or anything else that looks like it could be expensive shouldn’t be left in the car or should be put out of sight.

Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes recommends that hikers, even before they get to the parking lot, should put things away in the glove box or center console or cover it up under a jacket or blanket. The best bet is to put it in a locked trunk. And always make sure your vehicle is locked when you leave it.

All three car break-ins this spring in Hamilton have occurred when the thief smashed a rear window to gain access to the vehicle. Typically, thieves are only looking for small items which can easily be pawned for cash, police said.

In summary, be cautious when heading out to enjoy the outdoors this summer because police don’t want your adventure ruined at the end.


Open Space and Recreation Plan to be Focus of Community Conversation Thursday Evening

Hamilton’s Open Space and Recreation Plan is being rewritten and residents will have a chance to have their voices heard at a meeting this week.

Hamilton open spaceHamilton residents are invited to a community conversation about the open space and recreation needs and opportunities on Thursday, Oct. 29 from 6-8 p.m. at the Hamilton Senior Center, 299 Bay Road.

The meeting will be the start of a public discussion as part of an updating of the town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. The prior plan was completed several years ago and state regulations require that the document be updated since the existing version is out of date.

Some topics up for consideration include preservation of open space, scenic views and wildlife habitat. The meeting will also include gathering ideas about protecting the town’s water resources, rural character and agrarian heritage.

Recreational facilities and programs will also be discussed and attendees will be able to describe whether the existing facilities and programs meet their needs. Trails in Hamilton are also part of the plan, including bicycle and horse trails.

A copy of the 2009 report can be viewed here.