Mill Street Residents Without Water on Thursday, Repairs Underway

water-spoutResidents along a section of Mill Street won’t have any water while a water main is repaired on Thursday morning.

There will be no water until the main is repaired for residents on Mill Street between Union and Cottage streets.

When service resumes, the Hamilton Water Departments asks water customer to turn on their outside spigot or run your cold water until the lines run clear if discoloration has occurred.

The Water Department apologizes for the inconvenience and is working diligently to restore service.


Third Phase of Water Improvement Project Starts Monday

drop-of-water-545377_1920.jpgThe third phase of improvements to the Hamilton water system will start next Monday, Aug. 14. The work is scheduled to last until late December with final paving scheduled for spring 2018.

One crew will start near Lincoln Avenue and Asbury Street and a second crew will start work on Union Street on Monday, Aug. 14 and will be there through mid-September.

In September, work will move to Western, Roosevelt and Central avenues and last through Oct. 11.

At the start of October, work will start on Moynihan Road and then move to Honeysuckle and Red Coach roads then to Madonna Drive and Anthony Road, with work in those areas lasting until late December.

Starting in November, work will also happen on Essex Street near Woodbury Street and on Chebacco Road.

Later, phase 3 work will also occur on Elliott, Home, Howard, Lois, Lorenzo, Pleasant and Willow streets, Cummings and Railroad avenues and Naples and Savoy roads.

A complete scheduled of the planned work, with a complete list of all the streets where work will occur and the scheduled dates, is available here.

The contractor for the water main replacement work will be Robert B. Our Co. Inc. Work hours will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and work in front of any one property could take 1-2 days – at which time most of the road and/or driveway could be blocked during the day.

The entire schedule is subject to change and residents along the roads planned for water main construction will receive a construction notice at least one week before it starts with the projected work dates in the area of their property and the project length, said Hamilton DPW Director Tim Olson.

Residents near the project area are encouraged to move their vehicle out of the work area before work starts in the morning to make sure they have access to their car during the day.

At the end of each work day, the excavation will be backfilled or covered and there will be access at night.

The contractor has also reminded residents in the project area that excavation, construction noise and construction equipment will be in the street during construction hours.

Discoloration Possible After Water Main Break

water-splashDiscolored water has been reported in Hamilton on Tuesday afternoon due to a water main break on Ortins Road.

Town crews are on working on the water main break and should have it repaired soon, Town Manager Michael Lombardo said at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

If residents are experiencing discolored water or if water service has been suspended, you should run water from an outside spigot until the line runs clear.

For additional information, contact the Water Department at 978-468-5581.

Water Main to be Turned On Tuesday, Will Eliminate Discolored Water Issue

water-splashThe water main running along Bridge Street that was shut off last week when the bridge was closed for a culvert replacement is expected to be turned on again Tuesday.

After the water main was shut down, some brown and discolored water was reported by residents – especially on the east side of Hamilton.

Town Manager Michael Lombardo said the bridge project engineers will work with the project contractor on Tuesday to make sure that everything is in order to turn the water main back on and then the Hamilton Water Department will turn it on, he said.

Water Service Cut for Some After Water Main Break

margaret-road-water-mapSome Hamilton residents are without water on Tuesday morning because of a water main break in the vicinity of Margaret Road.

Affected residents will be without water while the main is being repaired, according to Town Manager Michael Lombardo. The affected area is outlined in the accompanying map.

Lombardo, who was out at the break site on Tuesday morning, said he expects water service to be restored by 11 a.m., so it very likely could be back by the time you read this.

“We apologize for any inconvenience,” Lombardo said.

Bridge Project Causing Discolored Water for Some

water-droplet-715264_1920Some residents on the east side of Hamilton have reported discolored water after a water main was shut down as part of the construction project on the Miles River bridge.

The Hamilton Water Department has received several calls from residents on the east side of town reporting discolored water. It is recommended that anyone experiencing discolored water should flush an outside spigot until the water runs clear or let the system rest for several hours to allow sediment to settle and then run outside spigots to ensure the water is clear.

The Hamilton Water Department staff is assessing the situation to determine how to best respond, but the issues is related to repair work on the culvert under Bridge Street, which required shutting down a water main while construction was being completed.

“We apologize for the inconvenience, normal water service will return early next week,” said Town Manager Michael Lombardo. “Thank you for your patience.”

Water Tests Will Take 24 Hours, Residents Should Continue Water Conservation

test-214186_1280It will take 24 hours from the initial test of the Hamilton water system on Monday to confirm that the water system is free of bacterial contamination after the water main break on Saturday, Town Manager Michael Lombardo said around noon on Monday, Sept. 26.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations require that the boil water order remain in effect until test results come back indicating the system is free of contamination.

“While the likelihood of such a contamination is low, we emphasize an abundance of caution and urge you to use water that has been boiled for at least one minute if being consumed,” Lombardo said in a Blackboard Connect phone message to residents on Monday.

Additionally, Lombardo reminds residents that it will take several days for the town’s water reservoir tank to be filled and coupled with the extreme drought conditions, residents are urged to conserve water wherever possible.