Flow Test Tuesday Morning Could Cause Discolored Water

flow testA required annual flow test of the sprinkler system at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School and Miles River Middle next week could cause discolored water for some Hamilton residents on the public water system.

The test will be conducted on Tuesday, Aug. 8 at 9 a.m. School officials hope to get out the word that the test may cause discolored water throughout Hamilton. If water is discolored, residents are asked to run cold water until the water is clear.


Water Tests Will Take 24 Hours, Residents Should Continue Water Conservation

test-214186_1280It will take 24 hours from the initial test of the Hamilton water system on Monday to confirm that the water system is free of bacterial contamination after the water main break on Saturday, Town Manager Michael Lombardo said around noon on Monday, Sept. 26.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection regulations require that the boil water order remain in effect until test results come back indicating the system is free of contamination.

“While the likelihood of such a contamination is low, we emphasize an abundance of caution and urge you to use water that has been boiled for at least one minute if being consumed,” Lombardo said in a Blackboard Connect phone message to residents on Monday.

Additionally, Lombardo reminds residents that it will take several days for the town’s water reservoir tank to be filled and coupled with the extreme drought conditions, residents are urged to conserve water wherever possible.